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Why choose us?

We are dealing with import and export for years now, we have conducted hundreds of transactions and learnt about thousands of products imported by our clients. Everyday, we coordinate transactions worldwide. We have the experience and knowledge, that will guarantee you safe operation of the import and export process at the highest level.


We ensure the security by checking the reliability of suppliers, controlling the production process and coordinating transportation as well as customs services. We cooperate with renowned shipowners, carriers, customs agencies and other control institutions. With us, you can rest assured that we will take care of the proper and timely conduct of the order.


While ensuring professional handling of the import process from Asia, we enable businesses to reduce production costs. In addition, we provide you with the financing of the transaction and  issue a Polish invoice after bringing goods into the country. Owing to our experience and our partners, we can provide you with attractive financing conditions and avoid unnecessary costs.

Saving Time

Imports and exports are complex processes, so their efficient execution requires experience and knowledge. That's why our customers appreciate our services and are willing to use them. We know the specifics of international trade and we can predict the risks associated therewith and  take preventive action. This enables us to provide you with the maximum saving of time and timely fulfillment of orders.

Flexibility of Cooperation

We understand the needs of both beginning and experienced importers and exporters. Our offer is flexible - it can be complex and associated with full financing of the transactions or adapted to carry out only the selected stages of the entire process. We are not limited to industries, we deliver to you or export any product.

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