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Transport and logistics

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Ship transport

Most importers choose sea freight, as it is the cheapest option. In many countries, there are tens or even hundreds of seaports. For example, in China where apart from Shanghai, there are many significant ports, such as Dalian, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Canton, Xiamen, and Ningbo.

The way we organize freight for you guarantees the most competitive price and the most favorable deadline. Depending on the capacity of the purchased goods, we organize FCL (full container) or LCL (less-than-container) transport.

In order to determine the transport costs, we take the following details into consideration:

The table below presents examples of container types:


20’ DV

40’ DV

40’ HCV

Inside length

5.898 m

12.032 m

12.036 m

Inside width

2.350 m

2.350 m

2.350 m

Inside height

2.390 m

2.390 m

2.697 m

Tare weight

2 220 kg

3 740 kg

3 890 kg


28 260 kg

26 740 kg

26 590 kg

Number of pallets





There are also other container types: refrigerated containers (for transporting e.g. plant bulbs and some food products), open top containers or open top and open side containers (for transporting oversized cargo e.g. large-size machines), tank containers (for transporting e.g. oils). They are more expensive that standard containers and their price is set individually taking into consideration the parameters of a specific order.

If an order is for LCL shipment, we additionally take into account the following:

For example, shipment from a Chinese port to a Polish port of discharge (Gdańsk, Gdynia) takes around 30-40 days.




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