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Quality control

Supplier’s audit Financial audit Pre production inspection During production inspection Pre-shipment inspection Container loading inspection Opinion regarding legal requirements, e.g. for bringing goods onto the EU market

Quality control

We verify the quality of products and suppliers in 15 countries in Asia. We are able to check each step of the execution of your order at the Asian manufacturer's site. We can eliminate the risk of quality and quantity errors, we ensure timely delivery. Each inspection is documented by a detailed report.

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Supplier’s audit

It is aimed at verifying the supplier’s reliability and production capacity. It allows us to clearly determine if a selected supplier is trustworthy, if the goods they produce will be of expected quality and if the deadline will be met.

Financial audit

It is a source of information about the reliability of a trade partner which allows us to assess whether  the transaction incurs any financial risk and if so, what its level is.

Pre production inspection

It aims at checking the plant and the production line, as well as detecting faulty materials and components. As a result, we are able to handle a potential problem before the start of production.

During production inspection

It aims at verifying the quality of the goods during the production process. It is conducted when the order completion is at 20-30%, which allows us to check compliance with the specification and the models.

Pre-shipment inspection

It is a quality and quantity check. It is conducted when production is complete, and the goods are packed and ready for shipment.

Container loading inspection

Checking the container in order to verify whether proper goods have been loaded and if it has been done with diligence. As a result, we are able to conduct the final inspection of cargo protection before the shipment.

Opinion regarding legal requirements, e.g. for bringing goods onto the EU market

The list of requirements, norms and certificates that a given product needs to conform to or obtain when it is to be brought onto the EU market is long; however, we will help you satisfy all the regulations and deal with the intricacies of the law.

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