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LCL (less-than-container)

LCL freight is the most common solution among importers supplying goods from China. In ship transport, LCL refers to a number of goods which is not enough to fill the entire 20" container (less than 28m3).


The forwarder places the cargo in a container together with other LCL cargos shipped from China into the same direction. It is the so-called consolidated cargo. Due to the fact that one container can carry goods purchased by several Clients, this solution is very economical. The Client only pays for the container space which their goods take.


In the case of LCL shipping, the rates are based on weight/measure (w/m) units. It means that a given price for a consignment calculated based on w/m equals 1 ton of cargo or 1 m3 of cargo.


Thanks to our cooperation with leading carriers from China, we offer attractive LCL shipping solutions. All LCL freights from China are palletized and stretched. Additionally, we offer competitive w/m rates, handling charges, documentation fees and road delivery costs within the country.


Upon your request, we provide full LCL service, including setting out the details with the suppliers, ordering ship transport, dealing with customs formalities and the delivery of the goods to the Client.

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