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Incoterms rules

Incoterms rules are negotiated between the exporter and importer when the order is being placed. These international rules are applicable in trade of goods; based on them, sales terms and conditions are defined and the division of costs and responsibility for the goods is determined for the seller and the importer. A particular Incoterm rule states which side is responsible for export customs clearance, which one covers the cost and takes the risk during the loading, which one pays the insurance and covers the cost of delivering the goods to the port of discharge.


13 Incoterm rules are divided into 4 groups: C, D, E, F. In the C and D group, the rules mainly specify the responsibilities of the seller; in the E and F group – the responsibilities of the importer.


For your convenience, we negotiate Incoterm conditions that will be the most advantageous in a given situation. Based on our experience, the safest rules are those from the E and F group in which the importer is responsible for organizing transport. The safest options that we recommend are:


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