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importer's guide

Selection of the supplier Recommended inspection Transportation of goods Customs clearance Cultural differences

importer's guide

Selection of the supplier

When a decision is made about importing  products, it's time to choose a supplier. The decisive factor is the reliability of the contractor. This must be checked thoroughly.

Recommended inspection

Systematic controlling of production ensures , that the product is  manufactured with appropriate materials and is compliant with the specification of the order.

Transportation of goods

The choice of an appropriate means of transport is influenced by many factors, from the Incoterms options, the size and weight of the goods, to the time and allocated for this purpose funds.

Customs clearance

This is a key stage of import and export process. It requires a formal and legal preparation. When  well-organized, it allows to avoid additional costs.

Cultural differences

Cultural differences in business relations with China as very distinct and must be considered in any trade proceedings. Their knowledge will help to avoid problems and financial loss.

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