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Import from China

Import services Import according to a country of origin Import by industry Stages of the import process Financing

Import from China

We carry out all of the import process or its selected stages. Depending on client's needs, we choose solutions, that provide security, save time and lower the costs.
We offer a wide range of services related to import from all over the world. Representation in China enables us to keep track of the local markets and respond quickly to changes.

Cooperation with our company will give you the assurance, that the best experts watch over the transactions

Import services

Importuj z Nami offers a full range of services related to the import process. We locate the suppliers, arrange transportation, inspections and customs clearance. We ensure the security of transactions.

Import according to a country of origin

We import from 15 Asian countries: China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Import by industry

We operate accoring to the needs of many industries, we import goods on request, we coordinate production process in Asia. We introduce the industries we work with and predominatingly imported products.

Stages of the import process

Import of goods is a complex process. We provide comprehensive services for the entire import procedure, or its selected stages. We organize transport, inspections and customs clearance.


We import goods basing on one of the two models of cooperation, we also provide financing. Depending on client's needs, we offer a complex services, or we only take care of a selected stage in the import process.

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