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Focus on your needs, selecting the best model of cooperation and advising the optimal solutions are the factors, thanks to which we are trusted by hundreds of clients. We work comprehensively, but at the same time we support individually.
We are flexible, we offer services based on one of the two models of cooperation.

Agency import model

This model of cooperation relies on either comprehensive or partial support of the import process. Depending on your needs and characteristics of the order, we can appoint the suppliers, perform inspections, arrange transport and take care of the formal and legal side. We take over the burden of choice and verification of the suppliers, the negotiations and finalizing of the contracts. In this model, you are a direct importer and Importuj Z Nami deals with the implementation of the specific operations. The issues of the financial nature with foreign contractors will remain in your hands.

Fully financed model

Cooperation based on this model assumes a full service of client's transaction. We take the role of a direct importer and become fully responsible for the organization, conduct, and above all for the financing of the import process. Based on our experience and contacts, we are able to speed up the transaction and eliminate the risks associated with it. This allows you to sleep peacefully, and meanwhile we take care of everything all the way up to the delivery at the address indicated. Settlement takes place on the basis of a VAT invoice, issued in Poland, with the possibility of deferring the payment of up to 60 days.

We ensure:

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