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Customs clearance

Bringing goods onto the market

The goods that are brought onto the market need to meet all marketing criteria which depend on the business sector and the country of origin. It particularly concerns the countries which have not signed a free-trade agreement with each other. For the European Union, this applies to the trade relations China and most Southeast Asian countries.

Our operations department specialists coordinate customs clearance in key ports all over the world on a daily basis. Before the goods are cleared, we estimate the amount of the customs duty, and we check what certificates and permits are required in order for the goods to be brought onto the selected market.

We assist in compiling all necessary documentation from the producer and all institutions that need to issue the permits which allow of a product to be marketed.


Thanks to our experience and long-term cooperation with offices, we obtain documents efficiently and timely. Our representatives also verify whether the documentation has been completed correctly and they organize customs clearance in a European port selected by the Client.

Basic documents required at the customs clearance include:

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