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The capital city of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is Dhaka with a population of 12 million people. The official languages are Bengali and English which is commonly used in business. The currency is the taka (BDT) which can be divided into 100 paisa.

Similarly to most Asian countries, import and export from Bangladesh is mainly based on ship transport. The main seaports are Mongla and Chittagong which handles over 90% of international trade. There are 3 international airports located in Bangladesh; the largest ones are Dhaka airport (Hazrat Shahjalal), Shah Amanat and Srihotto. What is worth mentioning is highly developed river transport and inland ports which handle passenger transport and cargo.

What is manufactured?

Together with China and India, Bangladesh is a leading manufacturer of textiles. Clothing constitutes around 80% of Bengali export and it is imported by Polish and foreign clothing companies, as well as retail chains. The fact that the world’s largest clothing brands invest in manufacturing in Bangladesh draws the media attention to the country. As a result, the quality of the products enhances, standards raise and work safety improves.

Bangladesh is also the world’s largest manufacturer of jute, a vegetable fiber spun into threads. Other most frequently imported goods include: tobacco, leather, footwear, shellfish, carpets, tires and tire tubes and household appliances.

What is imported?

Polish commodities exported to Bangladesh include paper, cardboard, dairy products (whey, milk, cream), flour, waste and scrap, metal hardware, chemical products, machines and tools.


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